Greater Southern Waterfront Pasir Panjang

The Great Southern Waterfront is located to the south of Marina South district, stretching from Tanjong Pagar Terminal, all the way to the westward to Keppel Terminal, Pasir Panjang to Vivocity in Singapore. This is a potential land to invest in real estate because, in the future, this area will be full of hotels, residences offices, and commercial housing. The latest development near to Greater Southern Waterfront is Kent Ridge Hill Residences by Oxley.

Plans for Greater Southern Waterfront Pasir Panjang

This is an area under a plan to transformation in Southern Singapore. There have been plans to consolidate operations. Transformation of the area used by Kennel Golf Links, Harbourfront Centre and parts of Pasir Panjang. Not forgetting that the city terminals Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Pasir Panjang Port Terminals and Tuas will be affected by these plans to create free space to complete The Great Southern Waterfront project.

Greater Southern Waterfront Planning and Master Plan

The area to be freed up will be an equivalent of 925 Ha which is three times larger than the marina. The Greater Southern Waterfront Consultancy of Urban Strategies together with Sustainable Framework for Development Design and Planning came up with a plan for the area freed up. It includes six ideas.

1. New ways to live, work and have fun
2. Extend the town to Greater Southern Waterfront
3. Expand and increase public spaces
4. Put more efforts in capitalizing our Blue Assets
5. Create a consistent waterfront
6. Merge green and open spaces

Moving ahead, in 2017 there was a progressive report by Straits Times about the relocation and clearing of Tanjong Pagar terminal. Recently according to URA’s masterplan, the pace taken up by Tanjong Pagar and Keppel Terminal is declared as reserved meaning that they have a specific use yet to be known. Going southwards all the land used by Tower of Keppel Bay, The Car Station, Bank of Merrill Lynch HarbourFront and HarbourFront Tower 1 and two has been zoned commercial. These spaces are yet not planned for, but URA seems to have future plans.

Greater Southern Waterfront URA Masterplan

According to URA’s masterplan, Keppel Golf Link has also been zoned as residential subject to deeper planning. Panjang Terminal Area is larger than Keppel Golf Links, HarbourFront Center, Keppel, and Tanjong Pagar terminal combined forming a larger area for development in terms of real estates. The Great Southern Waterfront is a very promising and big project the government of Singapore is undertaking. This would be the future of real estate investments in the country considering that the Marina Bay project is yet to be completed. This will take time, involve lots of money and manpower to see it done.

Source: URA